Hayley Williams Twitter Hacked?!?!?! BULLSH!T… Paramore Bewb Pix Leaked!

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So let me get this straight Hayley, someone hacked your twitter and posted a picture of your bewbs… A picture that your clearly took!

Plus who the hell are you? I had to wikipedia you up to find out your from that band paramore. I guess since I’m not a 15 year old gender confused emo I wouldn’t know you are.

But am I really the only person who thinks this is bullsh!t? Come on Hayley America is not stupid. We know you were probably sexting Tiger Woods and accidently clicked twitter. Then your like “ahhhh shhhiiiaaattt, I know… I’ll say I got hacked”.

You look like this hawt innocent girl, but  your really like Miley Cyrus :(… (No offense Miley, your just a whore… Or was that offensive?)

Anyways I thought I would just share my opinion on this major bullsh!ttt and say WHAT THE HELL??

– Hubert

(But on a serious note, thats not really hayleys picture… Thats the nude pic Lindsey Lohan tweeted… TEEHEE)

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