Top 5 Celebrity Douchebags!

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Please Note: This is my opinion of the biggest celebrity douchebags, I realize they are plenty of douchebags in the medicine cupboard, but these are the ones I picked.

Number 5:

Chris Brown

Dear Chris Brown… YOU ARE AN A$$HOLE!! How dare you lay your filthy hands on my beautiful Rihanna. I know women can be b!+chs, but all you have to do is say “get in the kitchen where you belong and make me some muffins”. You don’t beat the sh!t out of their beautiful face!.. I had respect for you but it was gone the second I heard what you did, I sincerely hope you never sell an album again.

Number 4:

Perez Hilton

Dear Perez Hilton…. Shut the fuck up you whiny fugly ass bitch! All you do is talk shit, all day long… Then you just think when you see a guy that you constantly shit talk ( and you insult his GORGEOUS friend (Fergie) by calling her “fugly” you don’t think he’s gonna kick your ass? Hell you call Fergie fugly in front of me you better punch your own face. And what the hell is your obsession with Lady GaGa… I mean other then you look like clowns on LSD. (sorry gaga but its true)

Number 3:

Kanye West

Dear Kanye West… Take off the fucking shutter shades you dumb ass retarded monkey, you don’t deserve to wear them. Kanye you have made this list for more then one reason… But we’ll start with the main reason.You offended my sweet, innocent, babydoll Taylor Swift and almost made her cry! That alone was enough to get on this list AND get your ass kicked. But then your a dick and use so much damn autotune you made the AWESOME T-Pain look bad. You cannot sing, rap, dance or anything… Clearly you must have sold your soul to be famous, cause I’m drawn a blank on why your still famous with absolutely no talent!.

Number 2:

Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger Woods… Your just an asshole, not only do you have children… But you also have a somewhat attractive wife, honestly did you not think the story would leak like Hayley Williams BEWBS? Whats your mistress count up to now +INFINITY? Golf may be 18 holes… But once your married try to stick to just one you fucking moron.


Jesse *fucking douchebag* James

Dear Jesse James… You fucking dickface, you cheated on one of the most beautiful, talented women in the WORLD. And if its not bad enough that you cheated on Sandra, its that you cheated with the fucking lion queen. That is an UGLY ASS BITCH if I’ve ever seen one! Jesse you are like a 1 and Sandra is ATLEAST a 10, your lucky she even looked twice at your UGLY ass. Then you cheat on her with the ugliest bitch on earth?


– Hubert

(leave a comment telling me who your top 5 douchebags are)

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